MCLAUGHLIN (Muh-Glok-Luhn) is a cosmetics  brand based in Toronto, Canada created by entrepreneur Samantha Elvie. MCLAUGHLIN is the family name of her late mother Rose Mclaughlin; who will always and forever be her muse. Since the untimely passing of Rose Mclaughlin, the brand MCLAUGHLIN was born in her memory. It is inspired and created for women of all races, but especially for  Black Women, to celebrate and empower confidence, and allow women to define their own beauty. 

Each product is carefully curated to give you the highest performance and long-lasting wear, without breaking the bank. Our mission is to give you the perfect balance between effortless allure and high glamour. Whether you’re spending the night out with your girls or having a casual day out, MCLAUGHLIN is the brand for you.  We invite you to explore our collection and we thank you for being a  #MCLAUGHLINMUSE